About Me

Love of Z Cars

I have been in love with the Z car since the first time I saw a 1970 240z in the early 1970’s. It would be a few years before I could afford my first one but, after that I was hooked. It was a 1973 240z in burnt orange and found out later after the purchase that they were prone to have rust problems and this one was a total rust bucket. I learned a lot on what to look for in my next purchase of the Z icon.

I have owned 57 Z’s over the years including 240z’s, 280z’s, 280zx’s and 300zx’s. My collection obsession included parts cars and race cars. My shop is full of parts and cars from all of these generations of the most popular sports car ever sold.

My favorite Z would have to have been a 1973 240z that went through many transformations over the years before becoming an all out race car. It started as a brown daily driver with rare Minilite wheels. It was in a used car lot and reminded me of my idol, the famous Z racer Jim Fizgerald’s own street car. I autocrossed it a few years and got the bug to get more involved in racing it. So I did a total restoration with an engine rebuild, suspension upgrades and changed to a bright fire engine red color scheme. I raced it in sport timed runs with the Historic Sportscar Racing group (HSR) for a number of years and won the championship in the early 90’s.

I then embarked on a 13 year project to build an IMSAGTU replica like the one Sam Posey drove for Bob Sharp to the GTU championship in the middle 70’s. I built a 3.1 liter motor with triple 50mm Mikuni carburators, G nose body kit with large flairs and huge BBS wheels. It was a large investment in time and money but, a labor of love. I got sponsorship from the company I worked for at the time, Dad’s Rootbeer and many people remember this car to this day. It finally came the day to sell it and none other than Bob Sharp himself bought the car and changed the paint to the famous BSR paint scheme. What a privilege to have someone I grew up following his racing career closely to want to buy my car. He has become a dear friend through this sale.

These days I dismantle and restore Z’s with my concentration on the 1st generation 300zx models (Z31). I have a 1988 300zx turbo SS Shiro ltd. Edition 1 of 1002 built and (3) 1984 300zx turbo 50th anniversary Ltd. Editions. One has only 70,000 miles on it. My driveway, garage and shop are always filled with Z cars and my basement has one of the largest collections of Z memorabilia I know of. So I am offering parts, cars, and memorabilia for sale through this site for all who have caught the Z bug like I have.

Long Live The Z!